Two Akaushi Wagyu Beef Tri-Tips, 2-3lb each (packaged together, 4-6lbs total)

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The Tri-Tip is becoming one of the most popular grilling meat because it is bursting with flavor and if cooked right it can be amazingly tender. Triangular cut from the bottom sirloin sub-primal has been hugely popular in California for years but is becoming a staple to grillers and BBQer's around the nation. 

And no Tri-Tip compares to the rich and tender flavor of the All Natural, Akaushi Wagyu Tri-Tip from Heartbrand/Beeman Farms here in Texas.  This 2 pack of 2-3 lb Tri-Tips will be one of your new favorite cuts and is a bargain compared any other Full Blood Wagyu on the market. 

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